"Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments."
-Bethenny Frankel

As simple it sounds, as complicated it gets when looking for “What makes food healthy”? It may sound like a  cliché, but we indeed are a product of what we consume which makes it critical to monitor what we put into our bodies.

I see cooking as the alchemy of making mouth-watering culinary indulgences that are excellent building blocks for the body at the same time. Cooking, to me is not simply some ingredients mixed together to give a mouth-watering taste but also to ensure that what has become after the blend is welcomed by the gut.

By the day, I work as a Chartered Accountant in the domain of Corporate Finance. Apart from cooking, I'm an ardent bookworm with a particular penchant for non-fiction and biographies. I love giving back to society to the best of my abilities, so I spend my free hours volunteering with RueAura providing mental health counselling. Lastly, I also love making mandala art which you can check out on Aalekhya's Redbubble Page.

The passion within me to explore the art and science that goes into cooking seeks a channel of expression. The same passion is what kindled my desire to start this blog. More than a blog, I see it as a journal of my best culinary experiments jotted down as easy to follow recipes. Finally, until the technology of experiencing tastes is accessible to blogs, there is no way to know how the recipes are except to try them out yourself!

I see comments as an excellent way of interaction and I'd love to hear your good and not-so-good experiences with cooking. In case you want to gain some Food Karma, please share the recipe with your close ones.

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