Aamras is a popular mango delicacy from the Western Indian states of Maharastra and Gujarat. You can enjoy it with hot puffed pooris or as it is, after your meal but traditionally Aamras was served with pooris and this pairing is known as Aamras poori. You can also pair it with plain rice or paratha.

It has such a rich taste and is the easiest to make for sure. This sweet delight touches everyone’s heart and makes the taste buds happiest too, such a magical dish it is.

It is made from mango pulp, milk and sugar. You can also use saffron and a pinch of cardamom. Also, refrigerate the mangoes before making this recipe and enjoy the chilled and delectable Aamras with hot puffed pooris. Try it out and share your experience here in the comment section.


  • 3 Alphonso Mangoes
  • 3 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup water


How to prepare

  • Wash the mangoes and make them soft by pressing them carefully from all sides.
  • Squeeze out the pulp of mangoes in a bowl and add powdered sugar.
  • Take a mixer jar and add the above pulp along with water and milk. Blend till smooth.
  • Adding milk is optional. You can add water only as per your preference.
  • Garnish it with mango cubes.


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